Academic Involvement

I am currently studying Information Systems Security as a freshman(2016/2017) at University of Illinois: Springfield. Over the course of my freshman year I became organized in several clubs and competitions.I ended up becoming the President of the Computer Science Club, and being the captain of our student led cybersecurity(ctf) teams. In addition to arranging practices and participating in various compeitions, I organize/plan events and act as general leadership for the CS Club.This includes events ranging from getting content for practices, finding new competitons to partake in, arranging of community service events, and educational events such as study nights.


My goals in life are pretty straight forward. In general I live life to be the best that I can be by working hard. It is of paramount importance to me that my achievements and accomplishments in life are my own, and not done in a way that undermines others. This is because I hold the strong belief that as people we should not be working to get ourselves head by harming or ignoring those around us. This a big part of why I want to make sure community service is a big part of organizations I run. All in all, one could best sum up my goals in life to two things work hard and be happy.

Career Involvement

My career has been filled with a lot more diversity than my resume shows. I was born in a small country town, where the internet speed isn't great and things aren't usually the latest and greatest in terms of technology. I gained a lot of my work ethic, determination, and willingness to do what needs to be done from my early years spent helping out around a barn or two. It was a little bit after this time, probably around age 8, that my father showed me a desktop he had built. I was immediately interested in it. This lead to me spending my time helping him do some small it side jobs at a design studio. I learned most of my basics about IT such as basic troubleshooting and setup of computers which for being 11 or 12 was not a bad start. This came in handy when my local highschool decided to make my highschool class the first to go 1to1 meaning every student had their own (linux)laptop. They opened a class up called "TEC" to helps assist with the maintence of the schools infrastructure and assist students who may need help including all the hardware replacements. Around sophmore year I ended up getting hired over the summer to be an IT Assistent at the school, doing things such as running cable and simple server admin stuff. My boss used this job as an opportunity to mentor me and taught me all that he could. This was such a pivotal moment in life that gave me the knowledge and foundation to land a job as a Systems Administrator at a Datacenter about 45 minutes away. All of this has lead up to my academic acheivements now.